What Marketing Dreams are Made of

She is a strategic multi-channel marketing pro who applies data insights to drive the success of global marketing communication objectives


What we did

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Strategy & Analysis

There’s strength in numbers

  • Identification of KPIs and development of analytics strategy to track relevant results.
  • The technical competency to implement analytics strategies across multiple analytics tools
  • Application of trend data to direct marcom priorities and actively monitor campaign performance
  • Market and demographics research

Content & Design

Let’s get creative 

  • Proficienct in the use of common design tools such as Adobe CC suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premier
  • Talented science and technology writer, producing 1-2 thousand-word white papers on scientific subjects monthly
  • Multi-channel, multi-stage strategist utilizing web, video, print, and more
  • Working fluency in web design : HTML, CSS, and Javascript and WordPress.


Innovation distinguishes

  • Responsible for 70+k marketing budget, and up to $1.2k monthly in PPC
  • Routinely exceeding reporting and performance demands
  • Content strategy and production planning for small teams
  • Management of third party and contractor relationships
  • System administrator for Salesforce and Pardot

Project Highlights

Showcasing my talents & capabilities

Work Histroy

See Timeline For Additional Details


If you aren’t learning, you’re dying. 

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