Analytics Dashboard

I developed a marketing dashboard with two goals in mind: A.) provide my management team with reliable, on-demand information about the performance of key Avantes marketing initiatives, and to B.) automate and simplify my routine reporting requirements. The simplest and most cost-effective method of accomplishing these goals was to use Google Data Studio which makes …

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Photonics Magazine Byline

No, I’m not a scientist, but I do play on television… I take a journalistic approach and translate hard science into long-form content such as this article first published in Photonics Magazine in April 2018.

Book Trailer Videos

Promoting Independent Authors Even as eBook platforms like the Amazon Kindle have democratized the publishing industry and provided new paths to authorship for burgeoning writers, it has made the barrier to success that very democratization. It is nearly impossible for independent authors to cut through the noise of too many choices to find readers. Authors …

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