Marketing Manager, North America

Avantes, Inc. | Louisville, Colorado

December 2016- Present

In the role of Marketing Manager for North America, I am responsible for the implementation of a global marketing strategy and the success of a variety of marketing campaigns.


  • Departmental budget of $120K annually
  • Monthly PPC budget up to $1.2K
  • Grew website visitors by 34% in 2018
  • Increased website pageviews on the corporate website by 81% in 2018 and by 73% again through June of 2019
  • & Pardot administrator. Oversaw upgrade and migration of CRM from legacy system, implementation of marketing automation solutions
  • Webmaster for US regional website, managed site development and launch.
  • Developed executive performance dashboards and project management tools to provide leadership with key marketing insights.
  • Provide ongoing team leadership for US marketing team including budget control, production timetable, content production, status reporting, and quality assurance.

The Rewards of Selling Science

I’m proud that the work I have done at Avantes advances science and technology every day. Like many others, I want to feel like I have an impact on the world. Avantes instruments are on the cutting edge of research and used in industries like smart agriculture, recycling, solar energy production, biomedical research, and even space exploration. The work I have done here allowed me to use all the creative skills I have collected over my career to promote and advance the science that will combat climate crisis, allow us to live healthier, and continue to feed a growing world population. 

Projects Highlights

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