Laser what now?

No, I’m not a scientist, but I do play on television… In the last several years, I have read countless academic articles and published scientific research related to applications for optical spectroscopy. I take a journalistic approach and translate hard science into long-form content, and my work has gotten noticed resulting in invitations to contribute to industry publications such as this article first published in Photonics Magazine in April 2018.

Here I highlight the success stories of two of Avantes’ customers employing a technique called “Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.” This technique employs a high-powered laser to vaporize an atoms-thick layer of a sample’s surface to create a plasma plume. The light emitted by the plasma as it loses its charge can be measured to determine the atomic composition of the sample. 

My listed co-author, Mr. Oderkerk, is the CEO of Avantes through the fall of 2019, as well as president of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), and as such contributed the benefit of his credentials and name recognition within the industry. 

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