I developed a marketing dashboard with two goals in mind: A.) provide my management team with reliable, on-demand information about the performance of key Avantes marketing initiatives, and to B.) automate and simplify my routine reporting requirements.

The simplest and most cost-effective method of accomplishing these goals was to use Google Data Studio which makes connecting to various data sources, especially Google’s other data products Analytics, Ads, and Search Console, but also salesforce.com, google sheets, and custom data sources.

Dashboard Simulation

Company analytics are proprietary and sensitive, however, I can share a copy of the dashboard that is connected to publically available sample data. Every organization has its own set of key performance indicators, but the beauty of Data Studio was the ability to connect to multiple data sources.

Coupled with the use of other workflow automation or API platforms such as Zapier and IfThisThenThat, it was possible to automate the collection of data across multiple channels and easily display key information in visually appealing and easy to digest visual representations with minimal manual intervention.

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