Avantes was ready for an upgrade to the customer relationship management (CRM) system. The legacy CRM software was no longer supported by the developer and functionality was limited. After conducting extensive initial research on potential service providers for a new system and participating in the selection of CRM vendors, I was instrumental in managing the migration to the new system as well as in configuring the marketing automation components with the sales tools.

Goals/Key Features:

  • Improved sales enablement
  • Lead nurturing automation
  • Improvements in ROI reporting
  • Better campaign performance tracking

Migration to Salesforce was transformative for Avantes. It enabled the differentiation between sales leads and marketing leads and for the first time allowed for automated lead nurturing workflows to systematically develop better-qualified sales leads.

The new system also allows better synergy with the sales team and led to an increase in targeted business development initiatives, better tracking of lead conversion and sales pipeline visibility, and first-ever campaign-level ROI data.

Salesforce System Administrator

Salesforce likes to say that every Salesforce instance is a unique snowflake, but this is not an exaggeration. No two Salesforce installations are exactly the same. Effectively managing a Salesforce installation, however, requires an understanding of the basics of Salesforce organization at the minimum. The ability to effectively access documentation and leverage all available community resources is also critical. Fortunately, Salesforce has a large community of salesforce practitioners that offer an invaluable resource.

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